Sniper Cannon View Mod
Screenshot Does Lots of damage and can take out devices. Range is around 100.
Downside is the long reload time, and recoil.

Edited to increase dps, power use, and mass.

Deacrased the range.

Costs more now too.
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Author Vizth
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Added (Last modified) 27.01.2009 (28.01.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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Atarlost 27.01.2009 23:51

Promising, but the balance needs work, and since it's too weak rather than too strong I'm guessing you care about balance. First off the range is so high it becomes its own drawback. You've got a weapon that can single shot civilian ships from a great distance, which risks accidentally getting blacklisted by stations before you encounter them. Second your rate of fire is worse than you probably realize. The slowest weapon in the game as a firerate of 80 and that's the Ares Plasma Cannon. Nothing else is slower than 40. Yours is 200. Your actual damage per second is worse than the worst level 2 weapon, and this is a level 6. DPS isn't the sole measure of a good weapon, but it's something to keep track of when balancing. If I were to balance this I'd drop the firerate to 40 and bump the mass and power use to be more in line with the other reletevistic weapons. That would be something like 30-40 MW and probably 4-5 tons, but these changes are largely cosmetic since a few tons of mass on a device only matter in one mod, and in terms of power use you match the Mk III howitzer which would also be a comparable weapon. That would give your sniper cannon DPS similar to the dual flenser, which is also a level 6 kinetic weapon. The device damage and range would then come at the expense of WMD, which allows the weapon to effectively damage bases. Also, you're misusing the term "sabot" in your flavor text. A sabot is not a projectile, but an adaptor for projectiles smaller than the barrel of the gun they are to be fired from, or for projectiles that aren't bullet shaped.

digdug 28.01.2009 00:04

actually i like it, it would be an awesome level 4 (more or less) weapon if we could have an improved targeting system for the game.

Vizth 28.01.2009 01:41

Would jacket be more accurate?

I know what a sabot is actually. I use it when I fire spikes out of my potato cannon :P Thought it could be used like that as well tho, thanks for correcting me.

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