F-Bomb View Mod
Screenshot Updated F-bomb increased level to 6, and changed the unid to the one I registered at the official forums.
Categories Weapon
Author Vizth
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Added (Last modified) 25.01.2009 (25.01.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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Pedro Yuri 27.01.2009 04:21

This weapon is GREAT!!!

First im have encontered two xenophobe defenders in the Domitus System and they have destroyed the two ships with one explosion!!!!

That is an a awesome weapon Vizth

But the range of they is bad

And how you have taken a screnshot?

Vizth 27.01.2009 07:19

Best as i know transcendence has no screenshot button.

This is what i did

Hit the print screen (prtscn, on mine) button on your keyboard.

Then open ms paint and hit Ctrl v, go go to edit and click paste. then save.

If you have photoshop or similar. open PS> File> New> Edit> Paste. then save or do as you please with it. Pretty sure gimp is about the same.

If you have Photostudio you can use the acquire from clipboard option.

Pedro Yuri 28.01.2009 03:07

thanks, that help a lot of things for me!

Now im can take screenshots of my mods.


Iocrymdestroyer 09.02.2009 17:34

What type of damage does it do and how do you get it to make that circle thing?

Vizth 16.07.2009 06:29

Sry for not replying, got to caught up in real life to fire up transcendence, let alone browse the mod site lol. It's pretty much a tweaked version of the wave the penitent shrines use. Plasma damage

sdw195 27.11.2009 02:47

what ship is it?

Vizth 11.03.2010 22:55

It's a battleship i never released

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