Brotherhood of Oracus: Part Three: The Iocrym Fleet View Mod
IMPORTANT: You MUST download the updated version of Brotherhood of Oracus: Part Two: The Ares Civil War, for this mod to work properly!

This Brotherhood mod is a bit more complex than the other two, concept-wise, and is only partially complete. The current build includes a new Ares ship, the Sandstorm-II Stealth Ship, both playable and NPC. It's a hit-and-run ship, and does not have the staying power for longer battles.

Also, Ares Outposts and Communes are dockable, with the Shipyards to come.

To come is the titular Iocrym Fleet, along with a sadistic defense mission. Finally, after three chapters, the Brotherhood of Oracus will make an appearance near the end.
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Darth Saber 24.01.2009 16:55

When is your target date for Part Three to be complete?

Vorta 24.01.2009 20:11

I hope sometime by next week. The Iocrym campaign missions aren't awfully difficult to design, but I'm trying to make the campaign interesting. So far, I've only got three main types of missions: scouting Pentient stations, seeking out the ships of the Iocrym fleet, and capturing Pentient freighters.

solo 01.02.2009 20:29

If our fellow wingmen can also upgrade thier ship it will be much interesting

gxmmaker 22.02.2009 21:26

I was informed from an unreliable source you were going to make addition to this M.O.D where the music during the loading of Transcendence is changed to a different song.

Is this true?

Vorta 25.02.2009 02:59

Partially. I have indeed changed the music on my copy of Trascendence to something I believe is a bit more fitting, but not with this mod.

It's actually quite simple to do, and I discovered it accidentally. You know that "TranscendenceMarch.mp3" file that's bundled with every copy of Transcendence? I found out that it's not there just for show: if you overwrite it with another .mp3 file, you can change it to anything you want.

This mod is currently on hiatus, due to me having a metric ton of schoolwork and increased involvement in various other online games. I've been doing a bit of debugging here and there, but that's about it.

Ack. Xelerus really needs an edit feature for comments... I've submitted this comment three times, only to realize I made a punctuation error or forgot to include something...

sandlike 18.08.2012 04:18

repica uhren

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