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Screenshot The Rochos transport is the auroch's bigger brother...(40 facings)
packaged with the plasmamine launcher(must have this).
the plasmamine launcher should be available seperately also, any strategies of use will be there
info on the Rochos... big, fast, 6 armor segments with accurate hud, 800 ton cargo, good maneuvering, and did i mention the mine launcher is ammoless...
made in Blender, do whatever you want with it except charge $ for it.

Edit: i just reuploaded due to change in the plasmamine launcher if you have already downloaded it you can either download this again or just get the plasmamine launcher from the weapons section and replace your old one.

EDIT AGAIN: this time for maxdevice limits
Categories Broken Mods, Ship (Player)
Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 30.09.2007 (30.09.2007)
Game Version 0.98c
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schilcote 05.03.2008 12:39

Blender? What's that?

Guard13007 22.11.2010 19:35

Blender is a program for animating. Google it.

Star Weaver 14.06.2012 13:15

Wow, for such an old mod this still almost works. The charging meter is kinda messed up in the beginning, and I got the game to crash by dropping a mine in the direciton of starton eridani and possibly by being in the explosion myself.

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