3 ships with 40 facings View Mod
Screenshot the name says it all, well mostly. three ships, each with 40 facings like the new player ships. includes a new weapon sound! this will ONLY work for .98c and above.
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 29.09.2007 (29.09.2007)
Game Version 0.98c
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Azar Wolf 10.04.2008 04:11

Happened to notice my phaser weapon is pretty similar to yours in the way it's generated. (we're both using the missile's trail to generate the beam effect as well as the very high fire rate, though beyond that my phasers are entirly different). Just hoping you didn't mind the similarity

Iocrymdestroyer 21.11.2008 02:42

pretty good

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