Northwind Weapon/Shield Pack View Mod
4 launchers, 3 of them dual mode
a total of 15 types of ammo
8 other weapons
5 shields, one dual mode and another with an offensively useful activation
4 armors, 1 dual mode

Latest revision adds some new weapons I needed for use elsewhere and adjusts item frequency at Northwind shops as well as forcing me to write a new description instead of just appending.

Revised October 12, 2009

The meaning of depletiondelay has changed in 1.0. This mod will work, but shields will come back up 15 times faster than they should (judging by the changes to shields in the main game)
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Shield, Weapon
Author Atarlost
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Added (Last modified) 01.11.2008 (26.10.2009)
Game Version 0.99c
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Kaama 03.11.2008 11:03

Quite innovative :) But why have u done 3 diffrent launchers for the same type of missiles? I think one that can switch to 4 directions will be more usefull.

Atarlost 03.11.2008 20:38

I kept the forward and rear launchers seperate from the broadside launcher because having more than two modes makes selecting one slower. With two modes using the device toggles between, but with four modes moving from Forward to Port would require three activations if the cycle was clockwise. The seperation between the forward and read firing launchers is because I wanted them to be lower mass because I was considering the interaction between the mod and my player ships. I also thought of making the broadside launcher use two device slots, but didn't want to make it unusable by the freighter.

Iocrymdestroyer 13.11.2008 00:50

Great idea, but rear facing? unless you have tracking missiles, it isn't all that usfull

Atarlost 21.06.2009 23:49

Updated. Redownloading reccomended. Comments welcome.

Atarlost 27.07.2009 03:11

The Trebuchet Light Howitzer is a lot more interesting than it used to be and there's a now shield. The new shield needs a better name. Suggestions welcome, as are comments on balance.

Atarlost 01.08.2009 22:43

And another update. The shield has been named and there's a new switchable armor.

Dogma 05.08.2009 01:23

name suggestion: The Altar

Atarlost 20.08.2009 06:42

Dogma, your suggestion came too late for consideration. And there's another update. There are no gameplay changes, but my next version of the Unalaigned Pirates will assume the August 19 revision. Three (actually five since two are switchables) of the devices that were previously unsuited to AI ships now have onAIUpdate events that allow AI ships to use them effectively.

Atarlost 22.08.2009 00:19

August 21, 2009

Fixed an error in the Orion Atomic Lance. I think it was just graphical so this isn't a priority upgrade.

Atarlost 13.10.2009 05:21

Another update. Just some moderately interesting weapons I needed for another project and a tweak to the corporate store.

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