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Makes a common station that you can store things in for a modest fee. The items you store can be gotten from any storage station.
Categories Broken Mods, Station
Author Betel
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Added (Last modified) 01.11.2008 (01.11.2008)
Game Version 0.99c
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Darth Saber 17.02.2009 18:09

Betel, I cannot get the station to work. I extracted it to the "extensions" folder, but it does not appear anywhere in the game. Pleas advise me on how to get it to work.

Betel 13.06.2009 20:12

It should appear randomly in the game (max one per system). I just double checked it and it works.

atrakaj 05.08.2009 09:19

Thank you, Betel. Haven't tested it yet, but needed this. I had been using mules in the system that has the ten stargates. Annoyance, because they hold so little. Wish we could use the abandoned station in that system as a base. That would be sweet. XD

Izimiger 13.12.2009 19:09

Thanks for the mod Betel. One thing i noticed was that you can't store slaves. I tried to do this only to have all my inventory + the slaves vanish, im not sure if this is supposed to happen... Since i was labeled a slave trader after my stuff vanished.

PKodon 18.12.2009 00:00

Okay, I'm not sure, but, looking at the xml, it would appear that this station only shows up in St. Katherin's system. For that reason I didn't install it.

WillyTheSquid 02.03.2012 08:28

It crashes the game when you visit it (1.07a).

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