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This mod basically has 6 mods for a player mod ship. More professionally this pack of mod weapons is really the same weapon on different settings the further you go in the settings the stronger it is.
Note: remember to put this mod in your ship mod
Other note: remember to put the weapons in your ships Devices section.
Categories Broken Mods
Author gxmmaker
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Added (Last modified) 30.10.2008 (04.01.2010)
Game Version 0.99c
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Kaama 30.10.2008 13:25

Another GodMode nonsense , How i can give you positive feedback on this?

gxmmaker 30.10.2008 21:25

I ask you again how is this am I an uber player if i do not nesscaryly support Uberness but simply grant the right to others.

Kaama 31.10.2008 06:44

Well people who know something about modding can easly do it themselves if want to toy with uberweapons and it is useless for them. People who can't do it also have little use from your work becouse it isn't even playable extension and they will have no idea what to do with this.

Kaama 31.10.2008 06:57

Donn't get me wrong , I don't want to discourage you from doing mods ,but when i first time come to xelerus i have downloaded evrything ,to look at the peoples work and learn from them, and I was annoied of many so called "mods" that in fact do nothing new.

So please do some thought before placing 20 another such mods.

Vorta 31.10.2008 11:49


Gxm, for the love of any diety you believe in, download the standard damages resource! Dark Steel does massive bonus damage to pretty much every armor and shield under Level 20.

In all honesty, anyone can make an uber mod if they had the knowledge. Heck, I can sit down and, in about five minutes, churn out the most game-breaking, uber mod in existance.

gxmmaker 31.10.2008 20:53

I understand those damages and I already have that source code and I decided to keep all my weapons at lvl 10 or under now to avoid being called an Uber player, which I am not but I understand some want to be so I give them that option, Vorta. Kaama, thank you for that advice I have now decided to keep my future mods at a responable degree in order to let the downloaders them self chose what lvl they want there gameplay to be; and on a similir note I haven't said this before but i am thankful for your Bounty hunter ship and your Adventure Extension becasue they gave me the inspiration I needed to finish my mods that were in common fields.

Vorta 31.10.2008 20:55

Sorry, there was a slight misunderstanding. I thought you were somebody else in your clan. I'm fairly sure that half of what I said doesn't apply to you.

gxmmaker 31.10.2008 23:28

Interesting, I will be sure to mention what you just told me. Thank you for informing me about your reasons for your comments it softens the blow of them, even through I took little if no offense from them; I felt as if helped me improve myself.

Vorta 31.10.2008 23:38

The person I thought I was talking to apparnatly doesn't have as many resources available to him as you do. I apologize for any misunderstanding. Because of your use of GXM in your name, I just assumed you were him.

gxmmaker 01.11.2008 00:15

GXM is part of the more public name of our clan any Gamme class member is entitled to use it at the front of there name to show to other members there status as a high clan member.

Vorta 01.11.2008 00:23

Ah. I'll be sure to keep that little tidbit in mind to prevent confusion in the future.

gxmmaker 01.11.2008 05:40

Very Well

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