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Screenshot Trillum is the universal fuel made known to us through the universe of Anacreon. Trillum is resurrected in this mod to provide Transcendence players a universal fuel which works in all reactors. Also, two new pets are introduced in this mod. 1). A trillum beetle, thought to have become extinct, but capable of turning any fuel, fuel ore, or energy source into trillum balls; and a 2). trillum squirrel, who hoards and hides the trillum balls in your reactor to help keep your reactor full as you adventure forward.
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Author marsrocks
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Added (Last modified) 12.09.2020 (12.09.2020)
Game Version 1.8a3
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marsrocks 12.09.2020 19:35

Note, the trillum squirrel and trillum beetle are illegal items, available to the player in the black market.

Shane Filomena 14.09.2020 05:37

you put alot of effort and thought into this creative artwork.

thank you for sharing it with us.

I was wondering if a fuel station adopts the fuel and a squirrel gets in there.... nvm...:)

marsrocks 14.09.2020 14:07

Shane, you are actually correct. If the squirrel is out and about, it will hide as many trillum balls as it can. And if there is no reactor to be found - well - good luck trying to find them.

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