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Tired of losing valuable items to the Commonwealth because you could not find the offending illegal or military items in your cargo hold that you need to drop? This mod adds a new option in your cargo hold dockscreen that lets you jettison all contraband items immediately if they are hiding in your cargo hold and you do not have a smuggler's hold installed. In addition, if you dock at a Commonwealth station with customs, and you bring contraband, you can either dump the items in a crate then proceed with docking or simply leave to protect your items and deal with the problem later.

Caveat: Slaves are not jettisoned with other contraband while docked at a station. They will be freed instead.
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Added (Last modified) 21.11.2019 (21.11.2019)
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Shane Filomena 14.05.2020 21:14

ok, have one question comes to mind immediately : have you ever dropped a crate in a system with salvagers in it?

lol, I have had to wrestle my loot from salvagers many times as a new player. But I think they were more active in the earlier games..i do miss seeing them about.

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