Armstrong Player Ship View Mod
Jealous of all the neat AI ships flying around? Here is one of them...
This will provide you with the Armstrong transport, which usually shows up in the mid-game. It also is available for purchase at the appropriate stations.
Now working for both Domina and Eternity Point quests.
Now working for dock screens in EP
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Balentius
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Added (Last modified) 06.08.2019 (30.12.2019)
Game Version 1.8
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Balentius 28.08.2019 03:50

Updated versions multiple times so if you downloaded the original version you should again

Balentius 30.12.2019 03:57

Reuploaded at 230 downloads (wow!), several minor fixes, including label for the EP ship to avoid some confusion.

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