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Now it's a working extension file.
It overwrites the standerd debug depot.

- sorted, added, deleted some items
- changed image to a cargo crate
- magic wand adds: Korolov rank, Military rank, BlackMarket Rank, insurance, resets crime record, 100k rins, 100k crds, identifies all items
- added item generator
- added dock (installs for free up to Techlevel25, refills for free with pteracnium, he3Assembly or he3Rod)
Categories Misc
Author Sheltem
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Added (Last modified) 15.08.2008 (20.08.2008)
Game Version 0.99a
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digdug 17.08.2008 23:21

cool, but i would like for the debug depot to install/uninstall anything for free.

And why not, generate an item by writing the name or partial name, so you will get everything loaded (including mods) to test for free.

Sheltem 20.08.2008 13:11


If you like the mod, advertise it on transcendence forums :)

ptbptb 21.05.2010 17:58

I think this should be moved to 'Developers vault' from Misc.

digdug 21.05.2010 22:52

actually, it's obsolete because the depot does not appear anymore in Eridani in 1.0

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