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Requires Version 1.7 or higher.

At last, cargo autons that don't get one-shot killed by a Centauri raider!

EI Freighter Autons are available at Korolov Shipping. The range includes EI100, EI200 and EI7000 freighters. Also available is the EI100/M missile freighter with a built in omnidirectional NAMI launcher but a smaller cargo hold.

Only two freighters can be controlled at a time but replacements are available. Dock services and commodities trading are limited to larger stations and shipyards. Dock the playership and the freighter(s) to buy, sell, repair or install items.

Devices and armor can be enhanced when you dock with the freighter and they never need fuelling. The freighters come with omnidirectional weapons but any weapons installed after purchase do not automatically get omnidirectional ability.

This version places a free Targeting ROM in the playership because it is needed to dock the freighters.

Thanks to many,
and George for a great game.
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Author relanat
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Added (Last modified) 10.08.2017 (02.11.2017)
Game Version 1.8a1
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relanat 11.08.2017 04:23

Apologies. Mod is broken. The game cannot find the freighters in a dockscreen if you quit and reload a game. Will fix it as soon as I work out how,

relanat 02.11.2017 00:23

Reuploaded at 92 downloads.

Save game bug fixed. Should work OK now but no pronises :).

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