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A pack containing 7 playerships with new graphics, and another with re-used graphics, a couple of weapons and a shield.
Categories Ship (Player), Mod Packs, Graphics
Author Kittehbob
Rating 1   0
Added (Last modified) 12.08.2008 (30.08.2008)
Game Version 0.99a
Filesize 1.09 MB
Downloads 1640
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Iocrymdestroyer 23.11.2008 03:00

Really good

StealthX 18.11.2009 12:19

Hi Kittehbob, your mecha playerships are really cool! I especially like the Swordwind.

Do you have anymore mecha ships that you have not released?

StealthX 20.11.2009 05:44

Kittehbob must have journeyed to the the core by now...

Star Weaver 15.06.2012 09:31

Oh, some decent stuff in here, probably a good candidate for tweaking into PSD, at least from the ship art.

WillyTheSquid 15.06.2012 10:22

I agree; I just installed this mod today and will take a closer look at (re)balancing this and making it PSDv5-compatible.

WillyTheSquid 15.06.2012 10:24

Added "New Graphics" & "Ship (player)" tags, so more people will get to test this out.

Shane Filomena 18.11.2012 05:07

no release notes : but there is a mention of evilbob : I think we need to try to reach evilbob and ask permission / terms of use.

Shane Filomena 18.11.2012 05:16

Ignore my last post : it says on top " re-usable " but I still would ASK..

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