Station Finder View Mod
1.7 SOTP
Requires 1.7b1 or higher

A modding tool. Not balanced for gameplay.

It generates a list of systems containing a selected station (friendly or enemy) and will jump you straight to the system. The selected station wil be identified and a directional indicator will show.

Select "Find Station" in the Ship's Interior dockscreen.

Thanks to:
NMS for info on how to use typSet/GetData.
AP for code help.
0xABCDEF for sortByLambda.
George for a great game.
Categories DockScreens, Developers Vault, Godmod,
Author relanat
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Added (Last modified) 04.03.2017 (15.07.2017)
Game Version 1.7
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Downloads 448
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Shane Filomena 04.03.2017 21:08

in the old days, the station had to come to you :() LOL

relanat 12.07.2017 05:35

Version 2 reuploaded at 97 downloads.

Now has a Go to End of List action which jumps you to the bottom of the system list.

And it is version 2 even though I forgot to change the Version in the XML

relanat 15.07.2017 04:07

Version2 reuploaded at 100 downloads

Now it says version 2.

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