Scorpion GodPlayership View Mod
Updated in 1.8a3
Requires 1.8a3 or higher.

An upgraded Scorpion playership to help with mod testing.

Features include dock services, mapping, restore, travel within and between systems, create items and create and find ships and stations, ranks, map marker.

Totally unbalanced for gameplay but fun if you just want to blow up everything in sight.

Thanks to gunship265, alterecco, TVR, AP, TranskGeek, Betelgeuse, JBW, PM, Arkheias, marsrocks, digdug, DigaRW, Wolfy, Shrike, RPC, NMS, 0xABCDEF, xephyr, sjf, giantcabbage and everyone I've forgotten.
And George for a great game.
Categories Godmod, Developers Vault, DockScreens,
Ship (Player)
Author relanat
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Added (Last modified) 11.02.2017 (04.11.2017)
Game Version 1.8a1
Filesize 61.92 KB
Downloads 892
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relanat 05.08.2017 03:15

Version 2 uploaded at 233 downloads

Added ranks, system travel to enemy stations, map marker, find stations and ships.

Now more item criteria and added "Go to End of List" action in some dockscreens.

relanat 04.11.2017 00:54

Version 3 uploaded at 330 downloads

Now requires game version 1.8a3 or above due to changes in Korolov code since 1.7.

Items section now has a search function.

All game items can be identified with one key press.

System travel to ships with docking ports now available.

A function to convert decimal UNIDs to hex format is now included.

relanat 13.05.2018 13:05

Version 4 uploaded as Taipan GodShip at 518 downloads. See Taipan GodShip mod.

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