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1.7b6 SOTP
Requires Version 1.6.4 or higher.

A mod for new players. It gives a few tips on how to get the most from the game. Press 'H' when you see 'Hints' and a short message will give you a bit of info.
Categories Newbie Boosts, DockScreens
Author relanat
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Added (Last modified) 10.02.2017 (01.03.2017)
Game Version 1.7b6
Filesize 2.62 KB
Downloads 452
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relanat 01.03.2017 03:42

Reuploaded at 26 downloads. Changed API Version to 28 so the mod will run in Transcendence Version 1.6.4, the last stable release. Thanks, sjf. Minor code updating as well.

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