Targeting ROM at Arco Vaughns Station View Mod
1.7b6 SOTP
Requires Version 1.6.4 or higher.

A mod which adds a targeting program ROM to the loot in Arco Vaughn's container habitat.

EDIT: Changed the name.
Categories UI Enhancements, DockScreens, Newbie Boosts,
Author relanat
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Added (Last modified) 10.02.2017 (02.03.2017)
Game Version 1.7b6
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Downloads 303
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Shane Filomena 20.02.2017 00:51

I like this, but from the title my first thought was a ROM that strictly targeted Arco...

I once had this vision of a religious station providing the targeting ROM if the player gets past the initial systems w/out one..but this is good, better then rice.

relanat 24.02.2017 03:34

Oh, yeah. It does read like that. Thanks - changed.

relanat 02.03.2017 01:16

Reuploaded at 26 downloads. API Version changed to 28 from 33. Mod will work with Version 1.6.4 now.

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