AE - Random United View Mod
Ever seen a mod that randomizes equipment on ships? Sure, we all have. How about a mod with stations that randomizes the ships guarding it but standardizing their equipment? No?
Introducing Random United! Their stations can have nearly any ship in the game as guards, depending on system level and ship score. Those ships will be retrofitted with Random United weapons, shields, and armor. They even add a few ships of their own to the mix for good measure.

This was mostly done to take a break from the monstrosity that is TBR, and was partially inspired by a random notion of taking UnBound and sort of turning them sideways. Balance might be a bit iffy, and in particular I want to rebalance the two highest level Random United ships at some point, especially since one of them has too high a score to even qualify as a guard at any level. All in all, though, I think everything should be more-or-less alright, and I -think- I got all of the bugs out of it. Hopefully.
Categories Weapon, Station (Friendly), Ship (Friendly),
Shield, Graphics, Armor
Author AssumedPseudonym
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Added (Last modified) 22.01.2017 (11.02.2017)
Game Version 1.7b2
Filesize 1.89 MB
Downloads 1498
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AssumedPseudonym 23.01.2017 07:32

Re-upped at 4 downloads. Nerfed fireRateAdj on Random United ships, added station destruction retribution routines, and removed Avian Enterprises from the name.

AssumedPseudonym 24.01.2017 08:17

Re-upped at 6 downloads. Tweaked armor counts on some Random United ships, but mostly fixed Random United armor so that it uses its graphics. Not sure how that one slipped past me.

AssumedPseudonym 11.02.2017 07:03

Re-upped at 33 downloads. Due to a minor oversight during the copypasta stage, all of the Random United energy weapons had a power draw of 1MW. They have all been adjusted to more appropriate levels.

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