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1.8a1 SOTP
Requires 1.6.4 or higher.

Four mods which help explain the scrAddAction function. Add nothing to the game. Used in conjunction with the 'scrAddAction Examples' forum topic.

Thnaks to DigaRW for getting me moving.
TranscendentGeek for the 'Using ScrAddAction To Change Dockscreens Without Overwrting' forum topic.
Categories DockScreens, Developers Vault
Author relanat
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Added (Last modified) 18.11.2016 (22.06.2017)
Game Version 1.8a1
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relanat 22.06.2017 19:36

Reuploaded at 186 downloads


Things explode as expected now

Dockscreen code now actionID format

API now 28

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