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This mod implements five NPCs

*Recycler Nomads convert weapons into damage-type enhancers and armor segments into usables that can be applied to other armor segments.

*Nomads and carriers collect leftover loot and sell it to you for 25% of the normal price.

*The number of resulting items depends on the frequency and condition of the item you choose to recycle.

*Recycling is NOT free. You will have to buy whatever items you get from recycling. These items can cost up to 15000 credits.

*Encounters tend to be as rare as ion power capacitors

*Uses the graphics for the Marauder Raid Platform, Drake missileship, and Barbary gunship.
Categories Usable, Ship (Friendly), Developers Vault
Author Archcannon
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Added (Last modified) 11.07.2016 (11.07.2016)
Game Version 1.6.4
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relanat 07.09.2016 06:55

I like it. They cruise around and stop when you get near. A great way of getting more items into the game.

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