Auton Bay Misc Slot and Hotkey View Mod
This mod makes the NAMI Auton Bay take a miscellaneous device slot, rather than the cargo bay slot, allowing the Constellation (and other ships, if they acquire one) to use it at the same time as a cargo bay. It also add a hotkey (B) for it in the [U]se menu.


This mod won't do anything without Corporate Command.

This mod modifies the XML of itNAMIAutonBay, scConstellationPlayer, and baStdAutonBase, so it's currently not compatible with other mods that get or modify the XML of those types. However, it is compatible with Improved Auton Bay Screens.

Categories UI Enhancements, Devices, Auton
Author NMS
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Added (Last modified) 07.07.2016 (07.07.2016)
Game Version 1.7a1
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