Mule Status View Mod
This mod allows Mule autons to report how much cargo they're carrying in response to a "Status" message. As a proof of concept for mod interoperability using <Events>, it also works with Com Groups. With both mods active, it will be possible to send the "Status" message to the whole non-combatant com group:


This mod modifies the XML of scMuleAuton (and any autons added by mods with nonzero cargo space and docking ports), so it's currently not compatible with other mods that get or modify the XML of those types.

Categories UI Enhancements, Auton
Author NMS
Rating 1   0
Added (Last modified) 07.07.2016 (07.07.2016)
Game Version 1.7a1
Filesize 1.4 KB
Downloads 451
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