Improved Mule Screens View Mod
This mod clarifies where cargo is being transferred and allows the player to jettison items from a Mule auton directly into space.


This mod alters the Main dockscreen of any auton that's the player's wingman using an <OnGlobalPaneInit> event. It should be compatible with any mod that doesn't alter that screen.

Categories UI Enhancements, DockScreens, Auton
Author NMS
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Added (Last modified) 07.07.2016 (11.02.2017)
Game Version 1.7a1
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Downloads 1410
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NMS 11.02.2017 04:04

Updated to 1.1 2/10/17 10:03 PM EST. Now disables the Unload action and makes Undock default when there are no items on board, to match Disable Loot When Empty.

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