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****^No longer interferes with Playership Drones****^

Excuse the Playership Drones pun. Based on the "bones" feature from Nethack, this (Proof of Concept) mini-mod allows you to visit and loot your old floating shipwrecks from past games.* When you lose the game with this mod enabled, your shipwreck will reappear in future games (and could even appear in the same game!) in the same system and position with all your items. If your ship happens to leave nothing, a hostile "ghost" ship will appear in its place and wander around, attacking anything it encounters. You can reset your old "bones" and also extract wreck information and then manually insert that into the mod so that a certain set of bones always appears.

But beware, for allowing past wrecks to appear is guaranteed to disrupt balance and gameplay by increasing the quantity of certain items in the game.

*Any bones relying on unloaded mods will automatically be excluded
Categories Station (Friendly), Ship (Enemy), Misc
Author Archcannon
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Added (Last modified) 15.06.2016 (23.12.2016)
Game Version 1.6.4
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Shane Filomena 16.06.2016 16:33

Funny thing, I almost always find my dead ships .. empty wrecks just where I left them. but recently the game seems to restart the system I died in ..at least it happens in my games... but I always wondered if the ship could be made useful - but never tried it.

mistere 19.06.2016 05:56

I love Nethack with the Vulture UI but I love Transcendence much more, and easy modding is one reason. And so is this mod lol Nice work!

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