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Screenshot Sustain and Defend overlays use sprites to cover your ship. The sprites fit standard-sized playerships, but not bigger ships such as capital ships. What this does is cause the overlays to use a procedurally generated effect whose size varies by your ship size and covers it. The effect is a mostly transparent cloud plus some electrical arcs.

Overwrites the entities &sfDefend; and &sfSustain;

Will be featured in the upcoming Playership Drones v7 Beta.
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AssumedPseudonym 06.04.2016 22:09

For anyone who makes playerships larger than what the old 96x96 sprite covers, this will be a great thing to make those Domina powers look less ridiculous.

Shane Filomena 09.04.2016 20:56

I had an issue with this years ago but always thought it was untouchable ...

My arms are too short to Box with Domina :)

this one is a Treasure!

Thank You !!

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