Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.7 Alpha View Mod
This adds another Corporate company known as Drake Technologies, and they manufacture a wide variety of items including weapons, shields, armor, and other oddball items which are sold in various stations, including their own outposts and factories.

This is the 1.7 version of Drake Technologies Alpha. It features many major changes from the older 1.6 version of the mod.

Link to older Drake Technologies Alpha for 1.6: http://xelerus.de/index.php?s=mod&id=1392
Categories Weapon, Usable, Station,
Shield, New Sounds, Mining,
Devices, Development, Auton,
Author PM
Rating 2   0
Added (Last modified) 14.03.2016 (23.03.2017)
Game Version 1.7a2c
Filesize 1.76 MB
Downloads 639
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PM 15.03.2016 03:45

Hotfixed and reuploaded at 10 downloads.

PM 15.03.2016 19:34

Reuploaded again at 15 downloads. Fixes a minor problem that prevents ZapSats from firing at enemies within confined spaces such as Battle Arena.

PM 23.03.2016 03:18

Reuploaded at 37 downloads with minor bug fixes.

PM 26.06.2016 22:50

Reuploaded at 199 downloads. Features new and changed items. Restart required.

PM 11.08.2016 23:34

Updated to 1.7 alpha 2b at 269 downloads. Features more items and an updated quest. Restart required.

PM 01.09.2016 22:30

Updated to 1.7 alpha 2c at 321 downloads. Features a new launcher, new reactors, and an updated import from Items Pack 912. Removed the ore scooper, which may be found in the updated Ore Scanning Program and Scooper mod.

PM 28.09.2016 19:15

Reuploaded at 369 downloads. Features minor bug fixes and tweaks to the laser charger weapons.

PM 23.03.2017 14:51

Reuploaded at 624 downloads. Features a rebalanced plasma gun with a new sound.

This should be the last update. A new version of Drake Technologies for 1.7 with content for both parts 1 and 2 will be uploaded when it is ready.

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