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Mends issues with the Black Market justice system.

Major changes:

- Bounty Hunters are now designated as hostiles, as is the standard for hostile offshoots of non - hostile factions.

- The Syndikat will no longer treat players who have no dealings with them as rogue members if they blow up their stations. Instead, they will kill you on sight.

- The Black Market's ability to track you is greatly decreased - they are no longer omniscient, and can only send their hitmen after you when they still have a significant hold on the system.
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Auton, A.I./Behavior
Author JohnBWatson
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Added (Last modified) 28.01.2016 (28.01.2016)
Game Version 1.6.3
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Shane Filomena 06.02.2016 15:39

it took forever to get the Molotok to be described as a BountyHunter , it was always a PIA that when you pay off a debt the ones already on you would remain : but in theory they should have gone away..I had a fix for that for the actual Hunt : it should only happen in a system where a Black Market is present - such as if you went back to StartOnEridani they should not hunt you there because there is no station to call them

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