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Screenshot This mod creates new "smart" devices that replace the vanilla patch spider and solar panel array. Here's what you get when you install the mod:

* Armor repair and solar recharge devices from levels 2 through 9

* External devices that automatically install and uninstall themselves based on armor damage, reactor fuel level, shield status, and the presence of enemies within a 100ls radius

* Slotted devices that work like the patcher arm, but with faster armor regeneration and a higher cost

* Recharge mode that lets external devices come out when you're sitting on a planet and can't be attacked

* A special gift at the beginning of the game. Open it at your own risk!

This is an alpha release. Any feedback and suggestions are welcomed! Please post them either here or at the current forum discussion thread:
Categories Fuel, Devices
Author gunship256
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Added (Last modified) 04.01.2016 (07.05.2016)
Game Version 1.6.3
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gunship256 07.01.2016 21:41

Reuploaded at 11 downloads. No restart is required.

Changes: I made the vanilla overwritten solar panel array a level 2 Heliotrope array with a low price and high mass (4 tons, just shy of the Heliotrope 5 ton cargo hold). This makes it inconvenient to farm Heliotropes for the use of the device and hard to sell them for a decent profit. There is now a new level 3 device, the compact solar panel array, that is intended as the replacement for the vanilla version.

gunship256 10.01.2016 20:30

Reuploaded at 16 downloads. No restart is required.

Fixed a bug in the box dockscreen where hitting Esc caused the player to choose "Open Now" rather than "Open Later".

My devices were not showing up in Rasiermesser shops. Changed the maufacturer of the Rasiermesser devices to Makayev because Rasiermesser shops do not sell devices but Makayev shops do.

Made the refurbished patcher arm an unknown type like the laser collimator and cannon accelerator so it would not be so easy to get in Eridani.

Thanks to relanat for the bug catches and detailed feedback!

gunship256 17.01.2016 23:23

Reuploaded at 34 downloads. No restart is required.

Besides the compact solar panel array, the box now also contains a targeting ROM and tritium propulsion upgrade to make it more tempting to open. Changed mass of the box to 5 tons per relanats suggestion in the forum thread.

Changed the refurbished patcher arm so it can no longer regenerate level 9 and 10 armor and also raised it to level 3, as it felt overpowered at level 2. Changed its mass to 500kg so it cannot be distinguished from the laser collimator and cannon accelerator until it is identified.

At the suggestion of NMS, added objRegisterForEvents to the code for the Drake enforcer so it can receive events from the playership.

gunship256 08.02.2016 03:01

Reuploaded at 73 downloads. No restart is required.

Added an error message that shows up when the cargo hold is too full for a device to uninstall.

Added a hard uninstall for external devices. If a device is invoked to switch from recharge back to default mode, that specific device (and that one only) is uninstalled. This was done to allow the player to manually uninstall solar panel arrays to jettison or sell them. The arrays will automatically reinstall themselves if the reactor is not at least 80% full, however.

Added more items to the Charon Pirate gift box. Changed the dockscreen so that the player can see what he received after he opens the box.

Changed module file names and UNID definitions to reflect the current name of the mod, "Smart Spiders and Arrays," rather than the old title, "Smart Patch Spiders."

gunship256 15.02.2016 05:47

Reuploaded at 88 downloads. No restart is required.

Starting the game with the solar panel array made the game a little too predictable and also allowed the player to exploit a bug by waiting in Eridani for a long time so that the Drake does not show up.

Removed the solar panel array from the box, replacing it with a laser amplifier. Now the Drake has a 50% change of dropping the array and a 50% chance of dropping a refurbished patcher arm. You have to kill it to get the prize!

gunship256 28.02.2016 00:42

Reuploaded at 103 downloads. No restart is required.

The Drake attack is overpowered. Reduced the number of Corsair-IIs from 6 to 3 and removed the Drakes refurbished patcher arm.

Changed the code so that the laser amplifier is no longer a guaranteed item in the box. Instead, there is a random chance of a laser amplifier, kinetic upgrade, particle source upgrade, or hexagene booster.

gunship256 28.03.2016 07:28

Reuploaded at 134 downloads. No restart is required.

Oh-so-many changes!

Instead of being stored in global variables, settings are now stored on gSource. This allows the game to remember the settings from session to session. It also prevents NPC devices from accessing the settings on the playership devices and vice versa.

The settings are more logical now and can account for a wider set of situations. For example, there is a way to keep all the devices uninstalled in order to sell or jettison them. There is a setting that makes them always uninstall when shields are down, which is useful when dealing with "friendly" Black Market Molotoks. There is now also a setting that makes the devices usable for shields that leak damage through, such as the Trenton.

The settings are now changed through a dockscreen instead of by invoking devices. The ship interior screen has a link to the settings screen for this mod.

<Invoke> code was removed from patch spiders and solar panel arrays, making the "U" menu much cleaner.

The Drake attack is still overpowered. Reduced the number of Corsair-IIs from 3 to 1.

gunship256 17.04.2016 21:03

Reuploaded at 163 downloads.

Added the FreightersAndMore attribute to all devices except the Heliotrope solar panel array

Changed some device descriptions

Changed the location of the settings link in the ship interior dockscreen so that the link now shows up near the bottom of the list instead of at the top

Added scrRefreshScreen to refresh the current dockscreen after a spider or array automatically installs/uninstalls. Fixed a bug where the refresh was causing the itemPicker screen to reset the cursor position to the beginning of the list.

Fixed an incompatibility problem with The Backroads.

gunship256 24.04.2016 17:44

Reuploaded at 173 downloads.

There an issue where the itemPicker cursor position was not being stored correctly, causing the cursor to jump around if a patch spider moved around and refreshed the dockscreen. Fixed this by storing the cursor position BEFORE the patch spider moves, moving the spider, refreshing the screen, and then restoring the cursor position.

gunship256 07.05.2016 06:42

Reuploaded at 195 downloads. No restart is required.

Spiders and arrays only refresh the dockscreen now if they move around while actually on the playership. This prevents patch spiders on Ranx dreadnoughts from refreshing the playership dockscreen.

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