Jaeger-class strikeship View Mod
Screenshot Agile and uncanny, the Jaeger has a interstellar capability designed for blitzkrieg tactics.
Though its dynamic design, it has lots of room for fuel and armor.

Added item:
Energy Shield Generator
- Function as normal Shield with ability to create energy field around the ship, absorbing almost all damage

- Rare (Installed Default to jaeger)
- Deplete shield and unable to fire any weapon
- Create disruptions or Energy pulses

Energy Device Enhancer:
- Enhance Energy weapons by 10 (Stack)
- Enhance Energy Shield Generator by 50 (Stack)

- Rare (Can be found)
- Slows Energy Shield Recharge capability
- Increase annoying Disruptive Energy pulses of the Shield Generator
Categories Ship (Player)
Author Sakaray Skylee
Rating 2   0
Added (Last modified) 15.07.2015 (21.07.2015)
Game Version 1.6b5
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