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Screenshot View By Category is an interface enhancement for Transcendence item lists. It adds the option to sort by item category to all default item screens. Select a category from a dynamic list and show only "Compatible Ammo", "Autons", and (m)Ore.

View By Category overwrites no entities and is expressly designed to be compatible with all mods. View By Category functionality can also be easily added to any mod through several built-in hooks.

Thanks to PM for providing the miniaturized item icons.

View By Category is public domain, and may be used, modified and redistributed in whole or in part freely and without restrictions, notifications or attribution.

Please feel free to suggest any additional item categories or features for the next version.
Categories Misc, UI Enhancements, DockScreens
Author TVR
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Added (Last modified) 07.03.2015 (14.03.2015)
Game Version 1.5
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oldmanwynter 12.03.2015 07:07

I keep getting an error when I try to unpack this: Item96Damaged.jpg; checksum error. Ironically, that file seems to be damaged

TVR 14.03.2015 04:16

Reuploaded at 31 downloads

Seems like the initial upload was corrupted, reuploaded and checksums look okay this time. Yes, that was a really ironic error.

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