Quick Loot Ore View Mod
Tired of navigating through several dockscreens simply to take mined ore? This mod lets you bypass the dockscreens and take mined ore the instant your ship docks with it.

This mod overwrites &dsMinedOre;
Categories UI Enhancements, Mining
Author PM
Rating 6   0
Added (Last modified) 05.01.2015 (18.07.2015)
Game Version 1.6
Filesize 2.55 KB
Downloads 1677
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Peter 12.01.2015 19:55

Aren't there like 7 different mods that do this or something very similar

Darth Saber 13.01.2015 18:12

This is something which was sorely needed! Thanks, PM!

relanat 19.01.2015 13:43

Yes, thanks, PM. Great mod.

WillyTheSquid 20.01.2015 21:46

Thank you! I was missing this feature since coming back to Transcendence :D

PM 18.07.2015 16:22

Updated to 1.6 at 172 downloads.

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