Cheops-class Warship View Mod
Screenshot It's a giant flying space pyramid (made of gold).

20 armor segments.
Crew members to repair armor and enhance shields.
Can equip up to 24 devices (only 16 can be weapons).
Relatively high-end equipment for a starting ship, but probably not good enough to beat the arena.

The resources in here are also required to use Cabbage Corp (unless you downloaded it from an alternative source that allows uploads larger than 5MB).

For use with Cabbage Corp:
Categories Ship (Player), Newbie Boosts, Graphics
Author Arkheias
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Added (Last modified) 01.01.2015 (09.01.2015)
Game Version 1.5
Filesize 3.72 MB
Downloads 1045
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Arkheias 09.01.2015 07:55

Updated to v1.0 at 25 downloads. Now acts as a standalone playership in addition to being necessary resources for Cabbage Corp.

Peter 12.01.2015 19:54

This looks cool :D

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