Arena Wall Remover View Mod
Screenshot This extension changes the fences of the Battle Arena Maximus in Rigel Aurelius so that they are deactivated if there is no fight in progress. I did this by adding (almost) all of the walls to the snippet of code that controlled the entrances in the base game. I did not include the main station so it will still keep its collision box whether a fight is in progress or not.

I have added new graphics to show when the fence segments are deactivated.

I rearranged the fences so they would be spread out more evenly (on the top left half at least). I removed the nav beacons showing the previous entrance and edited the text on the arena sign to remove references to there being any specific entrance.

There is no delay between the end of a fight and when the fences turn off. I was too lazy to figure out how to add one. I still am.

Fancy ship and items from the screenshot not included.
Categories Systems and Topology, Station, Graphics
Author Arkheias
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Added (Last modified) 15.12.2014 (15.12.2014)
Game Version 1.5
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Shane Filomena 19.12.2014 05:21

I once tried to "fix" the ships so they avoid the wall.. it was beyond my ability, something like this was never thought of back then, very happy you thought of it at all :)

oldmanwynter 24.07.2015 11:12

Tried this in 1.6 and had most of the enemies for the battle royale matches spawn *outside* the walls. Had to use the debug console to destroy them so I could progress.

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