Tetrapteryx-class View Mod
Screenshot This mod includes 2 model of ships and advanced start for each ships.
One is the multi-role gunship with 10 device slots. Slow and fragile, but if equipped with the proper devices, this ship has decent performance for any missions.
The another one is the AEW&C ship, that has a large rader and detects stations at long ranges.
Categories Ship (Player)
Author (^o^)
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Added (Last modified) 07.12.2014 (11.07.2015)
Game Version 1.6b5
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Autohummer 07.12.2014 21:10

Goes well with your carrier, I am sure.

kuroichi0 04.01.2015 20:04

nice one! i like it! :D

WillyTheSquid 17.02.2015 03:41

More like this!

(^o^) 11.07.2015 17:10

Update to v1.6RC1 at 302 downloads.

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