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Screenshot this weapon us [u]sed to fire killoton cannon FRAGMENTS. using an improved autocharge code from the shotgun and qac quick reload, it charges itself with kiloton cannon shells, 48! per shell! and with one [u]se will charge itself to full(or nearly, hence the "improved", and up to 480 shots) without waste, once more tops it off

it's similar to the kiloton cannon in many respects, price, level, except it is rare and more pricy.

with all those shots some HAVE to hit.
efficiency, it concentrates all the fragments in one direction, where more than half are wasted in the typical explosion.
works well on stations huria destroyers, among other things

little warning of low kiloton shells
must be reloaded fairly quickly, managable

1.1 released! a bugfix, only first 12 downloads affected. see comment for details.
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Added (Last modified) 02.07.2008 (11.07.2008)
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Bobby 11.07.2008 07:29

1.1 release fixes a bug that crashes the game when trying to reload with no ammo left(infinite loop i think), anyway, for a manual fix replace

(objSendMessage gPlayerShip gSource "No more ammo.")


(block Nil

(objSendMessage gPlayerShip gSource "No more ammo.")

(setq needed Nil)


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