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Screenshot  Ever get tired of picking a ship and starting off with the same gear every time? If so, this is the mod for you.

 Avian Enterprises proudly brings you the Starting Gear Randomizer! Load up this mod, start a new game, select any ship, and your starting primary weapon, shield, and armor will all be replaced with a random selection within one level higher or lower from the vanilla collection and any active mods.

 This mod will not add a primary weapon or a shield to ships lacking one in their standard configuration. Avian Enterprises is not responsible for this mod selecting the same equipment as the standard ship configuration, or for incompatible combinations (such as a laser array and a Solon deflector). This mod comes with no warranty, explicit or implied. Sorry, no CoD’s.

 I’d be surprised if there weren’t still a bug or two in this somewhere. From start to finish, this was only about six hours of work originally, and not much more than that after being rebuilt nearly from scratch.
Categories Weapon, Shield, Armor
Author AssumedPseudonym
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Added (Last modified) 02.08.2014 (23.02.2015)
Game Version 1.5
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Zacktheperson 02.08.2014 22:51

On my first load, Is started with a smartcannon, but no ammo. You might want to make sure ammo is included with weapons that need it.

AssumedPseudonym 03.08.2014 02:26

 Yeah, there’s currently no filtering going on. No checks to see if a weapon needs ammo, no checks to see if armor is too heavy for the hull, no checks to make sure your armor won’t deactivate your shield, et cetera.

 I may fix this in the future, but the description does say “no warranty” for a reason.

AssumedPseudonym 04.10.2014 21:12

 Re-upped at 77 downloads. If a ship has multiple primary weapons, they are each removed and replaced, instead of all being removed and only one new weapon installed.

AssumedPseudonym 21.12.2014 02:56

 Re-upped at 114 downloads – and already downloaded once before I could even start typing this. o.O

 Things got rewritten almost from the ground up, even if a lot of the core functionality wound up looking the same. Notable changes:

» Weapons requiring ammunition will now be supplied with some.

» All new weapons installed will be of the same type.

» Weapon position and both 'secondary and 'linkedFireOptions are applied to the replacement weapons.

» Replacement equipment has a 75% chance of being of the same level as the original, with a 25% chance of being higher or lower by one level (with a minimum of Level I, of course).

AssumedPseudonym 21.12.2014 06:22

 Re-upped at 115 downloads:

» Fixed a potential problem with 'secondary and 'linkedFireOptions.

» Added 'fireArc to the properties applied to replacement weapons.

AssumedPseudonym 23.02.2015 02:00

Re-upped at 155 downloads to fix launchers getting replaced. My bad.

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