Star Castle Arcade View Mod
Screenshot This adds elements from the classic 1980 arcade game Star Castle to Transcendence. Among them include two retro 2D ships and items used by them, including a device that erects triple energy ring barriers to absorb incoming shots or repel ships. The barrier device cannot be found for sale, but to give you a chance at finding one, a bonus boss lurks somewhere in the Ungoverned Territories, carrying a valuable prize! Can you find and defeat the Star Castle Boss?

Also added is an arcade mode adventure - the Star Castle Arcade! Fight waves of progressively faster Star Castles until you lose all of your ships. Score as high as you can.

Minimum resolution required for Arcade mode is 1024x768.
Categories Ship (Player), Ship (Enemy), Libraries,
Graphics, Devices, Adventure Extensions,
Author PM
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Added (Last modified) 21.07.2014 (11.09.2020)
Game Version 1.9a1
Filesize 2.33 MB
Downloads 2552
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Peter 22.07.2014 03:06

Looks cool! Will try this mod out!

101hebat 25.07.2014 17:00


Shane Filomena 26.07.2014 02:45 I want your secrets of this strange magic :)

PM 22.08.2014 00:08

Reuploaded at 79 downloads. The mod has been almost rewritten to emulate the classic arcade game much more closely. Now features a new adventure - Star Castle Arena!

PM 23.08.2014 03:32

Reuploaded at 80 downloads, with several minor bug fixes.

PM 31.08.2014 04:00

Reuploaded at 100 downloads. Fixed bug where generator did not use shield slot.

PM 03.09.2014 04:21

Reuploaded at 109 downloads. Added mild friction to playership in Arcade mode. Constant thrust will be required to maintain maximum speed. Also, Star Castle no longer fires it main gun while protected by Sustain.

PM 05.01.2015 16:15

Updated to 1.5 at 246 downloads.

PM 20.01.2015 22:19

Reuploaded at 258 downloads. Pressing [S] in Star Castle Arcade adjusts firing rate. Options include 6, 7.5, or 10 shots per second.

PM 04.04.2015 22:37

Updated to 1.6 at 318 downloads. Arcade mode has been tweaked to provide a closer adaptation of the original arcade game.

PM 10.04.2015 20:30

Reuploaded at 327 downloads. Enabled thrust sound in Arcade mode. Hear your ship roar!

PM 19.05.2015 16:29

Reuploaded at 371 downloads. The bug which energy rings did not block shots has been fixed. Also, the background in arcade mode has been removed for a more retrogame experience.

PM 22.05.2015 22:42

Reuploaded at 375 downloads. Arcade mode has a new background-like image as seen in the screenshot.

PM 01.06.2015 23:07

Reuploaded at 386 downloads. Now playable in Eternity Port. Also added a special weapon upgrade for the blue ship if it kills the Star Castle Boss.

PM 09.06.2015 19:38

Reuploaded at 393 downloads.

mistere 19.06.2015 19:46

Hahaha This is an awesome idea. Fine work as always PM!

PM 18.07.2015 16:49

Updated to 1.6 (RC, not beta) at 425 downloads. Playerships start with reactors installed. Also stopped the Tinkers and their guards from spawning in Arcade mode in v1.6b5+.

PM 07.09.2015 18:44

Reuploaded at 476 downloads.

PM 11.05.2016 22:11

Updated to 1.7a1 at 607 downloads.

PM 18.02.2017 03:47

Updated to 1.7b6 at 829 downloads. This should fix a bug that crashes the game after finishing a game from the Star Castle Arcade adventure.

PM 27.08.2017 17:22

Updated to 1.7 at 980 downloads. Fixed the bug that allowed the Star Castle to move. Also enabled for Vault of the Galaxy, and all of the added items scale by system level automatically.

PM 20.02.2020 20:34

Updated to 1.9a4 at 1633 downloads. Fixed bug that made shots passthrough everything and made Star Castle Arcade unplayable.

Also added a bunch of other features, such as more weapons, ships available at the ship broker, and extensions for Arcade such as powerups and more hazards.

PM 12.04.2020 23:18

Reuploaded at 1680 downloads. Features two more extensions for arcade adventure - Shield and Zapper. Shield raises a shield once every few seconds, and Zapper destroys all mines as long as ammo lasts. Both are mutually exclusive with each other and hyperdrive. Also, some files are now in tdb format.

PM 11.05.2020 22:04

Updated to 1.9b1 at 1705 downloads. Hyperdrive and Shield extensions are implemented as ship classes.

PM 11.09.2020 23:55

Updated to 1.9b2 at 1790 downloads. No changes other than updating apiVersion to 50 in some xml files.

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