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want to beat the dwarg at their own game?

these torpedos will provide a very long range, and when the torp. is [U]sed it will drop from your ship, possibly in numbers, and send one after your target, and every dwarg master withing 240ls. if one hits the master it should be over for him.
if no masters or target, none are used.

use of the launcher is NOT essential, but it can boost the max range from 450* to 650* because of it's higher initial speed(they accelerate).

*assumes a stationary target and ship pointed at target.

this mod is not extensively balanced, and is only slightly playtested, but does work (in eridani on corsairs, some quick math and a value change later it should work on dwarg)

made in .98d, but i see no reason it won't work in older versions, unles dwarg armor used to be stronger.
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