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This is the XML source of Transcendence 1.3, it contains the code used to describe every item, ship or station in the game.

It is usually used by developers as a reference to develop mods.

This is not a mod and cannot be run as one.

MD5 checksum: 84253b892e94a2b23d24232d2c2b024b

SHA1 checksum: 9f5bc2e8908767a86df3fd71d87f0e2dc2896592
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Author TVR
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Added (Last modified) 25.06.2014 (28.06.2014)
Game Version 1.3
Filesize 618.87 KB
Downloads 813
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Shane Filomena 26.06.2014 20:01

My WinZip says the Compatability 10 file is corrupt :()

but it unpacked and I am not technical enough to want anything but Ships and guns and guns and...did I say guns ?

digdug 27.06.2014 00:24

try 7zip or winRar

Zacktheperson 27.06.2014 04:05

I got the same error with 7zip but it looks like it extracted fine.

AssumedPseudonym 27.06.2014 05:40

Engrampa (the default archive extractor on the version of Linux Mint I run) gives me an error as well, and will not output decompressed files. It points at Compatibility10.xml as the culprit.

TVR 28.06.2014 02:49

Reuploaded at 15 downloads

It seems there was some file corruption during the upload. Posted hashes as a precaution. Apologies to those who downloaded earlier.

AssumedPseudonym 28.06.2014 03:20

That seems to have fixed it. It unzipped without any issues.

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