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Screenshot The Slylandro Probe is a fast, agile scout craft built by the gas giant-dwelling Slylandro. It's unique rotating hull allows its weapon to fire in any direction. It is an exploration craft. As such, it is limited to one weapon and has minimal cargo space, but can support up to 10 devices.

This is my first complete player ship, with its own armor and shield huds, as well as its own unique weapon, shield, and exhaust. I have tried to make it as balanced as possible while keeping it comparable yet different to the vanilla starting ships. It has 40 facings.

Note: The current screenshot is out-of-date, but I will update it soon.
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Author Keedo420
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Added (Last modified) 21.06.2014 (21.06.2014)
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Peter 23.06.2014 07:09

Can you actually rotate your guns without turning the ship?

Keedo420 27.06.2014 02:26

Any gun you equip on the Slylandro Probe will act as an omnidirectional weapon, even if it normally isn't. That's one reason why I gave it a maximum of one weapon. :)

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