Hammerhead Playership View Mod
Screenshot The Hammerhead Destroyer destroyer was made by bulk construction for the ares in their campaign. Sadly it was never used. This point of view however is not held by the commonwealth because it is equipped with two dual ares lightning turrets, a omni thermo cannon and a defence turret laser. Somehow you got your hands on it.

Hope you enjoy! Please up-vote!

The graphics for this mod were made by dvlenk6. There is a link below for his gallery :
Categories Ship (Player), Weapon
Author Peter
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Added (Last modified) 15.05.2014 (15.05.2014)
Game Version 1.3b1
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StealthX051 15.05.2014 23:16

Very, very nice, but it would be much better if it had the new 1.3 engine effects and it was upgraded to 40 facings.

Peter 16.05.2014 03:18

Thank you stealth for comment and upvote. I can't add the new engine effects because I don't know how to and 1.3 is only out in beta so it isn't my biggest concern. And I can't upgrade it to 40 facings sadly because the graphics aren't mine and I don't know you to make graphics.

Want to check out my Hura Playership mod? It has more facings

Peter 16.05.2014 09:32

Woah, another up-vote! Thank you guys.

Check out the Hura playership mod - its my other playership mod


Shane Filomena 16.05.2014 17:30

Peter, I MUST advise you to be prepared to get shot down by Fleet Command : the use of dvlenk6 and OddBob's images : while free to use and very Awesome have some restrictions to them :

I NEVER was able to get the exact restrictions for the use, I was simply shot down when I attempted to apply them once.

However, I hope that by posting this reply that , in the event the Fleet Command does say something, they might give you more information so your work might progress into future Awesomeness for Players and Followers of Domina's Call.

Peter 16.05.2014 20:57

So in other words I might get this mod removed for using these graphics?

By the way thanks guys for the up-votes

PM 16.05.2014 21:24

Relevant quote under General Graphics Rules at the Modding Standards or Xelerus Rules and Standards page at the Transcendence Wiki:

Do not make a mod just to make a player ship out of a single free-to-use ship graphics resource. Either make a set of playerships out of a set of graphics, or add meat to your mod in another way.

Peter 16.05.2014 22:44

Does it count that I made the weapons? Does that count as adding meat?

Peter 17.05.2014 00:00

NOOOOOO!!!! Who put that down-vote???

StealthX051 17.05.2014 00:27

Well, look at the Angeleus Mod. The mod wasn't removed because the author added some color changes and balanced the playerships out.

Peter 17.05.2014 01:31

I don't know how to do any graphics at all. Zippo. Nil. Zero.

Peter 18.05.2014 10:54

If anyone can give me a graphics maker link I can try re-colour the Hammerhead and make it more custom...

Just saying I didn't know there were rules against using these graphics

Shane Filomena 18.05.2014 17:37

Peter : Please, go to the Forums http://forums.kronosaur.com/viewforum.php?f=24

Announce your Mod , let them take it apart and help find things that you can use to make it better.

you DO NOT have to do graphics or fancy code to make a Mod : your Mod is GOOD, but to fit into the rules, you might have..change a name or something minor ( or something major like fight it in the Arena and show them who is Boss ? )

go to the forums, sign in and get the main part of your conversation going : BTW , PM and RPC were " NooBs" once too, now they are the two most legendary Mod Makers that I look to for help with anything that gets beyond my simple mind.

you can PM members on the forum, do not be shy.

digdug 18.05.2014 23:10

In the past we had hundreds of playership mods using Dvlenk6's graphics. That's why we don't usually accept simple mods using those. However we do accept mods that have higher value than a simple playership mod. So if you add devices/stations/events/scripts/other features than you are more than welcome to use Dvlenk6's graphics.

digdug 18.05.2014 23:11

Also Shane is right. Forums always help :D

Peter 19.05.2014 07:03

Does devices include new guns, armour and shields? Also is there a list of modding statements anywhere (As in, onDestroy)?

Peter 19.05.2014 07:17

Can someone please help me with this : How do I overwrite the game code? For example how do I add the Hammerhead to the ares team?

Peter 19.05.2014 07:20

Another thing. Where do I post mods that aren't working and I need help with? Because that happens a lot with me...

AssumedPseudonym 19.05.2014 11:49

 You can do that here on Xelerus, but you can also ask questions on the forum before releasing the mod to the public — that’s part of what the Shipyard is there for.

 You can also hop on IRC, too, and ask people over there. There’s a link in the Announcements section under Community Links.

Peter 19.05.2014 21:04

Whats IRC? (I have heard people talk about it but I have no idea what it is) :d

Peter 19.05.2014 21:06

I went to the link and clicked it but It just came up with a blank page with Graphs written on it. I clicked on it and it just came up with another blank page

AssumedPseudonym 19.05.2014 23:13

 Not here on Xelerus, over at the forum:


Peter 20.05.2014 02:59

Oh ok, thank you! How do I make stations smaller in game? For example I am adding a station to my game using dvlenk6 graphics and its HUGE.

AssumedPseudonym 20.05.2014 03:11

 You’d have to scale the image and mask down for that.

Peter 20.05.2014 06:09

Ok, thank you, I will try

Peter 20.05.2014 11:25

I tried, It worked! Thank you Assumed! The mods I've made will be out soon in a big modpack :D

Peter 20.05.2014 23:36

This mod is coming down on the 23/05/14

TVR 30.05.2014 05:17

Don't worry too much about the original content rules on Xelerus, they are not rigidly interpreted and even if they were, a single new shield device on the ship would be enough to meet the original content criterion.

Peter 31.05.2014 04:37

Ok, ty

Shane Filomena 31.05.2014 15:45

I DO look forward to your bringing more of your Great Work to the Universe.

If you ever have a question that does not seem to be answered in the forums about " how " something is done, grab a file off here : such as, for example , one of my Very Bad Ideas, and see how it was put together ( then hopefully you will ignore it and make something far better :) )

good luck :)

Peter 04.06.2014 21:38


Peter 04.06.2014 22:00

Thank you Shane, that is kind of what I have been doing; if I need help with making a new enemy team for the first time I go look at someone elses mod and then think, oh ok. Then I make it and after a bit of tweaking it works fine!

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