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Screenshot  Because there is no kill like overkill, this is a small collection of grossly overpowered goodies:
» A few “make things blow up” weapons
» A “reflect everything” shield
» A “nothing can hurt this” armor
» A “show everything automatically” mapping device
» A new playership featuring most of these
 The two plasma cascade blaster variants and the negation cannon only affect enemies. If you want to go pirate, check out the existence failure mechanism.
 Download. Destroy. Laugh maniacally.

EDIT: Re-upped at 74 downloads. Upgraded paradoxInfinity to 120 facings.
Categories Weapon, Ship (Player), Shield,
Godmod, Devices
Author AssumedPseudonym
Rating 4   0
Added (Last modified) 11.05.2014 (17.02.2015)
Game Version 1.3b1
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Downloads 2134
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Josiah 12.05.2014 21:52

Good mod! Can anyone help me register a UNID? I am Peters friend from real life and I need some help :D

AssumedPseudonym 15.05.2014 03:58

 First, pick out a UNID for yourself — it has to be four hexadecimal digits starting with either D or E — and go here to make sure someone else doesn’t already have it:

 Once you have one for yourself, go here and ask to register it:

Tshark9999 16.05.2014 02:08

You forgot to classify your weapons as weapons of mass fps drop.

AssumedPseudonym 16.05.2014 21:40

 Oh, right. *Ahem.*

 WARNING: Use of the plasma cascade blaster in or around an asteroid field/belt, or while on top of hostile stations, may cause lag.

 WARNING: Use of the PCB II under ANY circumstances may cause lag. Use of the PCB II under conditions listed for the plasma cascade blaster may result in a graphics card meltdown.

 …There. Is that better? ^.~

Peter 17.05.2014 01:41

Lol. Up-vote just for your comment Assumed :D

aj7749 21.08.2014 19:24

Yeah so care to elaborate a little more on the "existence failure mechanism"? No idea what that is

AssumedPseudonym 21.08.2014 20:31

 Basically, vastly overpowered AoE weapon with no firing effect. If it’s on the screen when you fire it, odds are it won’t be afterward.

aj7749 22.08.2014 05:34

Where do you get it? Is it a separate mod or

AssumedPseudonym 22.08.2014 16:03

 It’s a weapon device. Any station that sells low-level weapons should have a pretty good chance of offering them.

tobyJB 08.09.2016 17:40

godmod is the name for it

AssumedPseudonym 14.09.2016 13:22

I do have it categorized as such.

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