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The T-42 Gunship is an old design but reliable. However, this model has been refurbished and retro-fitted and now boasts two formiddable E-80 Photon Cannons that are mounted to the outside of the hull along with a Krogan Shield that that can hold its own against most weapon tech. It also sports an upgraded Transpace Jumpdrive that requires less cooldown time. The T-42 itself has a very spacious cargo hold with an optional ugrade of 100 extra tons.
The T-42 is has no competion early game but late game you'll find things not quite so easy.
Credits to ThePrivateer for his "Beginners Guide to Modding" and Darth Saber for his "Modding Tutorial" and also PM for his Sidearm Mod. I wouldn't be the newb i am today without them!
Feedback is gladly accepted!
Categories Newbie Boosts, Shield, Godmod,
Ship (Player), Weapon
Author Cpt. Reynolds
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Added (Last modified) 23.02.2014 (23.02.2014)
Game Version 1.2
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Darth Saber 23.02.2014 03:18

First one to download the mod!

Domina is indeed good...

Cpt. Reynolds 23.02.2014 03:20

I think i need to balance this mod. lemme know what you think!

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