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Screenshot Ever hate having your cargo hold being filled with useless scrap? Haven't had a Tinker station show up and you're just dying to get rid of all the junk in your cargo hold? Tired of your fingers slowly dying as you pound repeatedly on the keyboard trying to find all of the damaged devices stuck in the crevices your cargo hold? Well your fingers won't hurt any longer with Destroy Damaged Devices! Destroy Damaged Devices adds an action in the player's cargo hold that allows players to destroy all of their damaged items (after a warning of course) or just stick them all in a cargo crate ready to be picked up later.

WARNING: RPC is not liable for damages caused by accidentally destroying items or items looted by salvagers.

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Misc, DockScreens
Author RPC
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Added (Last modified) 09.11.2013 (09.11.2013)
Game Version 1.2 RC2
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sun1404 09.11.2013 13:39

Longzhu Spheres can be damaged? O_O

RPC 09.11.2013 20:41

I had code that randomly damaged whatever was in my cargo hold and it chose the Longzhu Sphere o.o

I don't think it can happen in game though (hopefully) >.<

Darth Saber 09.11.2013 23:04

The screenshot did cause a double take, but I thought that it might have been an improvement made to the game itself...

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