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Screenshot This adventure takes you beyond the mainline, off the beaten track, to the far side of human space. A new universe is dynamically generated every day. Each one will be different, each one offers you new paths to explore, decisions to make and wealth to be found.

Beyond the mainline is a mod that dynamically generates a star gate network of some 58 star systems (maximum). The generated topology is based on a set of rules and initiated by a seed value. By default, the seed is based on the date, so the same topology is generated each time you start a game today and a different one will be created tomorrow. You can change this and other settings to your own liking.

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Categories Systems and Topology, Adventure Extensions
Author Pixelfck
Rating 8   0
Added (Last modified) 15.10.2013 (30.06.2014)
Game Version 1.3
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RPC 15.10.2013 19:12

Congratulations on finishing it! This is going to be fun :D

digdug 15.10.2013 22:08

this is wonderful !

mistere 17.10.2013 01:39

Holy cow this sounds amazing!

TranscendentGeek 17.10.2013 03:45

Sounds really interesting. I logged into Xelerus for the first time in months just to leave this comment :P

RPC 22.10.2013 07:00

You're lucky that 1.2 RC1 didn't break your mod D:

Pixelfck 23.10.2013 19:28

The mod only overwrites 1 entity and 1 global lambda, so chances where good for forward compatibility. (otherwise I would have had to update the mod off-course)

RPC 24.10.2013 04:39

Also, is it intentional that Elysium is not in the topology?

Pixelfck 24.10.2013 21:21

It is indeed intentional that Elysium is not supported by this mod. See the forum thread linked by RPC for more information.

WillyTheSquid 27.02.2014 21:48

Nice -- not as mindblowingly huge as The Network, and more flexible. I dig this. Gonna test it out as soon as I play again.

Pixelfck 30.06.2014 16:13

Reuploaded a new version at 500 downloads.

Iconian 03.05.2016 22:36

I tried using this, but when I docked with the Sisters of Domina at game start, there were no introductory dialogues, no Benedict, no drone fight. I turned off my other mods and tried again, but same result.

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