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changes the ship screen to give it more functionality.
reboot system: repairs blindness, makes shield die and start recharging again.
rename target, gives what you are a targeting a new name of your choice.(can also undo last change)
auton controlls: change your targeted auton from the auton controller to fleet and back again, can also repair a defective auton.
unique ability: if your ship has a "special" event defined on it, this will triger that event. why? to fire a weapon(or some other ability) that only exists on one ship and no other ship can use at all. you can find an example of this on the Esel(theres a copy in this file).

1.1 released at 75 downloads:
FIXED a bug preventing repair of defective autons. to fix without downloading see comments, takes < 1 minute with notepad.
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Author Bobby
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Added (Last modified) 01.06.2008 (03.07.2008)
Game Version 0.98d
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schilcote 19.06.2008 12:40

Yippie! How do I define a "special" event? All Stephinian ships can have little icarus travel units which autotarget Sectro...

schilcote 19.06.2008 13:51

How do I use that altspecial exe? Press alt?

Bobby 01.07.2008 23:09

to define the event just put a "<special>" in the "<events>" on the ship. if it is there the mod will run the event. remember to make sure the event will return something other than nil, else it will say your ship doesn't have one and keep the screen from closing, even though the event actualy ran.

as for using altspecial.exe, press left alt, right alt is not recognized.

Bobby 03.07.2008 03:05

upgrading to 1.1 is as easy as changing (shpCancelOrders gSource) to (shpCancelOrders target), it's in the "repair ai" action about 2/3 down.

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