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This is my version of a Spathi ship from Star Control 2.
This is the final version of my take on the Spathi Eluder.

The new ship graphics are care of Ringman, who was nice enough to put up with me in making them.

Let me know what you think, I may try another ship from Star Control 2 in the future.
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Author obsidean
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Added (Last modified) 17.05.2008 (28.06.2008)
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Zacktheperson 26.05.2008 04:19

Zack loves that Obsidean added a ship from star control II. The included weapons are true to the original (as far as Zack remembers). Unfortunately the ship has only 20 facings, and since it appears that the graphics were lifted from the original game they are 2d and a little blurry. But other than the graphics not fitting in with the rest of the game this is a great mod.

schilcote 30.05.2008 06:25

Schilcote still wonders why Zack speaks in third person.

schilcote 19.06.2008 12:31

Hey! Do you know where I can get a bit of software that can draw 3D images? I need it for AGS...

obsidean 28.06.2008 21:44

Blender usually works pretty well, it will take some time for you to learn it though. It is free, which is a bonus and there is a good sized user community.

obsidean 28.06.2008 21:58

This version has 40 facings featuring brand new 3-d modeled graphics, care of Ringman.

Sorry, just had to sing his praises a bit more.

Zacktheperson 17.07.2008 04:32

"Sweetness, the new graphics are awesome!" exclaimed Zack.

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