Black Market Expansion View Mod
Screenshot Ever thought you should be able to elude the Commonwealth Customs Officers without the use of a 100% foolproof smuggler's cargo hold? Ever wondered why a station took no offense installing the TeV 9 blaster without ever checking for your Military ID? Why there where Customs Officers guarding the docking rings of slums? This mod changes all that, and a lot more. Circumventing the Law will prove more difficult, making the wrong judgement call can have dire consequences but good profit awaits, for those who have what it takes.

This mod aimes at fleshing out the illegal part of the game and is intended to fit as smoothly as possible alongside the vanilla content. It will make your game more difficult and wrong decisions will cost you. On the other hand, there are also some new options to make luck work to your favour.
Categories UI Enhancements, Station (Friendly), Ship (Player),
Ship (Friendly), Reactor, Misc,
Game Statistics, DockScreens, Devices,
Armor, Usable, Weapon
Author Pixelfck
Rating 5   0
Added (Last modified) 02.08.2013 (02.12.2014)
Game Version 1.3
Filesize 294.38 KB
Downloads 3606
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Pixelfck 02.08.2013 18:30

Relevant forum thread:

Feel free to post any feedback!

Pixelfck 03.08.2013 17:50

Uploaded a new version at 22 downloads (minor changes only).

Pixelfck 05.08.2013 15:35

Reuploaded at 42 download (again, minor changes only). This version should be quite stable.

Pixelfck 11.08.2013 15:21

reuploaded at 82 downloads. It includes a bugfix, so if you use the mod, be sure to update to version 1.03.

Jay2Jay 30.08.2013 17:16

I like the mod, its awesome.

WillyTheSquid 27.02.2014 21:28

Wow, I see quite some similarities in your choice of features to include and what I wanted to add to the Smugglers Guild down the line but that never really went beyond the brainstorming phase. Nice to see stuff like this released! Adds depth and flavor to the Transcendence-verse we all know and increases the ties and trade opportunities between stations/factions. THAT is a living universe. Will give it a shot and report back.

Preliminary thumbs' up from me in advance.

Pixelfck 04.05.2014 18:13

Reuploaded at 484 downloads. Latest version 1.04. The mod has been updated to make it fully compatible with vanilla version 1.3beta1.

Also, to prevent confusion, I've deleted all comments with bug reports on the old version.

To everybody who posted a bug reports: THANKS! it helps a lot!


Pixelfck 29.05.2014 16:41

Reuploaded at 525 download. The ships now have 120 facings.

Pixelfck 30.06.2014 16:14

Reuploaded at 587 downloads; latest version is v1.07.

oldmanwynter 21.11.2014 08:16

Love this mod! But, it doesn't play well with 1.5 :(

Pixelfck 02.12.2014 17:06

This mod has been updated for compatibility with Transcendence 1.5.

Reuploaded at 812 downloads; latest version is v1.07 - hotfix 1.

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