Rotating Rocky Asteroid View Mod
Screenshot This is a 64-frame rotating asteroid best suited for use as a rocky/stone asteroid. This is a modder's resource and does not add anything new to the game by itself. Since it's animated, an in-game screenshot seemed pointless, so I made an animated gif out of it instead.
I have included 4 sizes - 32x32, 48x48, 64x64, and 128x128. The 48x48 was originally for my main mod since I resized the medium and large asteroids. If you only intend to overwrite the vanilla asteroids, you can ignore/delete the 48x48, but I included it anyway just in case you find a use for it.

And finally, I should note that I did not make the asteroid itself. I found the individual frames in a pack of graphics resources for Star Control mods. I did however have to do the work of putting all the frames together into a Transcendence-useable format and making the masks.
Categories Graphics
Author Keedo420
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Added (Last modified) 08.07.2013 (08.07.2013)
Game Version 1.2a1
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Pixelfck 09.07.2013 22:56


Darth Saber 10.07.2013 03:35

This would definitely add an extra dimension of realism to the game. Nice work, Keedo420.

Sotter 12.07.2013 12:18

Nice! Would you mind If I include it in my modpack?

Keedo420 15.07.2013 00:02

That's fine with me. :)

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